A large desert camel spider

A large desert camel spider

A large desert camel spider –

Soldiers from the United States serving in the Middle East region,

sent a frightening photo of the mustard inhabitants of the camel spider desert.

This monster is rumored to be more poisonous and run faster than the spider we know,

this animal is reportedly not afraid of humans, who approached will be poisoned by this spider.

Photos taken by the army illustrate that large spiders do exist, these spiders are also referred to as wind scorpions.

But from a number of people from the Middle East that this species is not too poisonous,

even though there have been people who saw that there were dead and their bodies were spiders, it was because spiders wanted to find small insects in dead camel hair.

A large desert camel spider

Camel spider is not only living in the desert in the Middle East alone, but there are also in various areas such as the desert of Mexico and the United States.

Usually this camel spider prey on its victims at night,

they are a shadow that always lurks at night they will follow a moving human, therefore there is a myth that says that they are chasing humans.

Is camel spider dangerous

Camel spider is not like a small creature that often bites humans, camel spider actually does not attack humans unless provoked, this spider also has a strong jaw when it is threatened it will attack its prey.

Camel spiders will crush their prey into small pieces so they can eat,

these animals usually only look for prey smaller in size than him.

These spiders are also often found by soldiers who are on patrol,

because these animals love the light at night, so many camel spiders are found in tents or in places where there is light.

The point is that camel spiders aren’t actually dangerous to humans