Camel Spiders Are Not Too Dangerous

Camel Spiders Are Not Too Dangerous

Camel Spiders Are Not Too Dangerous – Camel spider is an animal that is in a desert or in arid areas, usually this camel spider can be found in the middle east because there are many desert lands. If you want to find this spider you have to look for it at night, because this spider will look for its prey at night.
Although the camel spider is almost the same as a spider, it usually differs in shape, which is bigger than ordinary spiders.

Camel Spiders Are Not Too Dangerous

Usually these spiders are often encountered by American soldiers who are maintaining security in the Middle East region, but if you think this camel spider is scary, it is not so many American soldiers who often play with camel spiders. Camel spiders will not bite you if they are not disturbed, what spiders will bite if they feel threatened. Therefore the camel spider is actually not too dangerous.

Camel spiders cannot make webs

Camel spiders are also often referred to as wind scorpions. Despite having the names of spiders and scorpions, these animals are actually not spiders or scorpions. He actually belongs to the group of arachnids known as solpugids. The difference with a spider, this animal can not spin a net. This animal also does not produce poisons like scorpions. Instead, these animals are blessed with moving speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour. But speed is not the only advantage of this animal. The animal’s mainstay weapon is a saw-like jaw. This jaw can reach one third of its body length and is “adorned” with sharp fangs that allow it to penetrate prey bodies.

Camel spiders are similar to lions because they prefer to kill prey before eating it. After the prey dies, the camel spider will fill the victim’s body cavity with digestive fluid. This is done in order to change the contents of the prey’s body into “mush”.

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