Scary Camel Spiders in Arizona

Scary Camel Spiders in Arizona

Scary Camel Spiders in Arizona – If you have lived in the Arizona area, surely you already know or don’t know about the dangerous animal that is the camel spider, if you find this animal you will surely be frightened and as much as possible you should avoid this one animal.

Not only does it hurt when it bites, but this star is a poisonous star, if you have many camel spiders coming in your house, you should contact the service of an insect repellent so that the animal will be captured or eradicated by an insect repairman.

Camel spiders are part of the order Solifugae (solpugid), which is mainly found in dry places. Camel spider The color is brownish, with a slightly darker segmented stomach. The stomach is usually round. Some solpugid species from elsewhere in the world can be more than five inches long.

Scary Camel Spiders in Arizona

Camel spiders have four pairs of legs and no stinger. This creature also has a pedipalps, which is a complement that feels vibrations and catches prey. This camel spider has large jaws that make you feel scared.

Usually the fear of those who find a camel spider is that its bite is so painful and can tear the skin, the camel spider will bite if he feels threatened and if you are not nosy with this camel spider then he will not bite.

Most camel spiders hunt at night. They carry a large appetite and can eat various types of prey, such as arachnids and termites. Plus, camel spiders move fast. During the day, most species can be found in burrows or under debris to avoid heat. On the other hand, camel spiders can be eaten by animals such as birds. Adult solpugids live less than a year.

How to get rid of camel spiders

several ways to get rid of camel spider

often close the door when you want to get out or leave

Make sure the windows and doors are fitted and the places where utilities enter your home are sealed.

Find a camel spider inside? Try to catch it with a jug and then take it outside.

You should also get rid of the debris in your yard as well as wood piles or sources of protection from the sun.

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