How to Overcome Camel Spider Insect Bites

How to Overcome Camel Spider Insect Bites

How to Overcome Camel Spider Insect Bites

How to Overcome Camel Spider Insect Bites

As you know, spiders have more than 3000 species and on average do not have poisons. The spider bite is also believed to be unable to penetrate human skin because its fangs are small unlike snakes.

How to Overcome Camel Spider Insect Bites

But there are several types of spiders that have the effect of bites. This spider is one type of spider that falls into the category of dangerous insects, namely camel spider.

Camel spiders are known as wind scorpions because many humans are chased by this one insect. Actually this insect does not prey on humans, it only preys on small animals such as insects, rats and birds. These animals do not kill camels, but are often considered to be camel-killing insects because they are often found in the bodies of dead camels.

Camel spiders are the same as wandering spiders, black widows, jumping spiders and other types of poisonous insects. Why do you say the same? Because the bite can have an effect on human health.

Because there have been many examples of the occurrence of the effects of these camel spider bites, one of them was recently that Judi Online players from Virtualbet88 were affected by the terrible impacts of camel spider bites until they were rushed to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

Here’s how to treat camel spider bites:


When you are first bitten by a spider insect, you can overcome it first with water. The wound is cleaned under running water. This is not only to reduce pain but serves to cleanse toxins around the wound.


After using water, clean the bite wound with soap. soap usually contains antiseptics that are good for the skin so that it can clean up the remnants of toxins that stick around the wound.


After cleaning, the third step is to compress with ice water for 10 minutes. Apply compresses as often as possible so that the wound does not swell.


It would be better for you to take Paracetamol and antihistamine drugs to relieve pain and itching. You can also use itching ointment around the wound so that you don’t scratch it which can hurt the skin.